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Having concentrated on writing for the last few years, there hasn’t been much time for art, but there are times when inspiration calls. Painting and embroidery (sometimes merging the two) are hobbies that access other parts of my imagination.

Although I used gouache as a textile designer, now my favoured medium for painting is acrylic, often combined with paper collage. Lola has been included in a couple of pictures.

ART Jaywick Martello Tower.JPG

Jaywick Martello Tower (mixed media)

ART Corner detail of  Lola with agapanth

Corner detail of Lola with agapanthus (mixed media)

ART Flag Creek.JPG

Flag Creek (mixed media)

As a result of my gatherings of plastic litter during beach walks, bits of plastic are incorporated in some works, either stitched or glued to the canvas – a bit of art activism to raise awareness of plastic pollution. I’ve produced a few pieces under the banner “Call Across The Ocean” for local open exhibitions.

ART Call Across The Ocean Penguin.png

Call Across The Ocean Penguin

(mixed media)

ART Call Across the Ocean Cormorant.JPG

Call Across The Ocean Cormorant

(mixed media)

In May 2018, I presented a workshop “Plastic Pollution – Shoreline to Storyline” at Jaywick Martello Tower, looking at how discarded mass-produced plastic harms wildlife, the environment, and humans, culminating in a community art project using plastic-based litter I’d collected during my beach walks.

ART Jaywick CommArt Hanging.JPG
Clacton Gazette Dog Walker cutting 001.j
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