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Having concentrated on writing for the last few years, art has tended towards being a hobby, but the appeal of combining the trio of art/writing/nature beckons. With various mixed media options. Be it eco-poem within collaged painting or embroidered/applique banner with environmental message. Using my own writing, or words/phrases scavenged from wherever. Works hopeful
of raising awareness, inspiring more people to care about what’s happening on Mother Earth.












Plastic litter gathered during beach walks in the 2010s were incorporated in artworks, stitched or glued to the canvas – the start of my art activism to raise awareness of plastic pollution. I produced a few pieces under the heading “Call Across the Ocean” exhibited locally.

As I gather more knowledge about the state of the planet and the connectivity between humans and more-than-humans a wider range of eco-issues can be addressed.







Clacton Gazette Dog Walker cutting 001.j


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